$FRENZ on Base: The Vision

We are going to annihilate the #BASEChain. How? That will be outlined in this thread.

The concept is simple but powerful.

There is a 3% Tax In/Out

1% will go to Marketing/Development

2% is the Community Enrichment Fund

From 2%, The ETH will be split into 4 Funds...👇

The 4 Community Enrichment Funds Outlined: Percentage Breakdown of 2% Tax

1) Weekly FrenZ Time (30%) 🐸🍾🎉🥳

-Drawing happens every friday, holders automatically entered into the giveaway. #FrenZFriday

2) Monthly Mega FrenZ Time (40%) 🤯🐸🎉

-Drawing at the end of each month

3) Shill 2 Earn #S2E (20%)

-Yes, this is for people who work for their bags. We will be draining out every cent of this weekly into the community’s wallets for something as simple as retweeting, commenting, meme competitions, twitter pickers, joining community spaces. The list goes on and never ends. Cannot tell y’all how excited our team is to bring opportunities to all of you degens who shill your face off for no pay, and no thanks. Not here… We are flipping the script.

4) Yearly Ultra Mega Super Degen FrenZ Time (10%)

-This will happen on NYE, and it will be undoubtedly the largest prize of the year, as it will accumulate the most over the year. This prize can truly get fukin’ MASSIVE!

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Sticky factor, and giving back is what we are all about. Here is what $20MM in volume looks like (1 Week Assumption, keep in mind volume changes day to day week to week, etc. so don’t @ us if the prizes are different week to week)

FUND 1: Weekly FrenZ Time: $120,000
FUND 2: Monthly Mega FrenZ Time: $160,000
FUND 3: Shill 2 Earn: $80,000
FUND 4: Yearly Ultra Mega Super Degen FrenZ TIme: $40,000 (imagine x52)

As you can see, the more we cause a frenzy, the more everyone benefits.

Our team is excited to bring people a fun, thrilling, and all around manic #FrenZ experience to all involved!

Believe the vision, or GTFO. Legit, positivity only. This is going to take an extreme amount of conviction and buy in for every member, but we have provided the structure that we BELIEVE can become the #1 Meme coin on base.

Jeets beware, nuking your bags now feeds a community of diamond handed #CHADS.

If you read this far. Props to you, YAGMI!



Download and create Meta Mask wallet on Google Chrome, IPhone or Android.

Buy Ethereum on base chain and transfer it to your MetaMask account.

Connect your wallet to https://app.uniswap.org/

Add contract and Enter amount you want to swap

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Total Supply